Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Newly Released Macap Espresso Grinders

Macap M2 Doser Grinder
Over the years, many of our customers have selected a Macap grinder for their home or commercial application. For the home environment, Macap led the way with a shorter bean hopper and soon followed by Mazzer to get under the 18" desired height requirements. Even still, sometimes the Macap M4 grinders were just too large for home model machines. After review of the M2 Macap grinders in late 2011, 1st-line has decided to carry this new series of grinders. Although they are stepped (not stepless), this series offers a solid build quality with an Italian flare. Produced in the Venetian region of Italy, the M2 grinders have already made a solid stance in European homes. There are three versions available for the US consumer:
Macap M2 Doserless Grinder
Manual Doserless - the user turns the power on/off to control the desired dosage of ground coffee

Programmable Doserless - the user can program the desired amount of coffee beans to be ground (by time).

Manual Doser - the user can grind the coffee into the doser and pull the lever to doser the coffee into the portafilter.

All models sport a beautiful polished chrome finish. The doserless models feature a height adjustable portafilter guide. Try one today!