Monday, February 10, 2014

The importance of backflushing!!!

Dirty Dispersion Screen
Ewwww! yucky coffee oils and coffee grime!
If your espresso machine is backflush-capable (please check with your manufacturer (if local) first, then your retailer or dealer) and has a three-way grouphead solenoid valve, it is imperative to backflush!

Coffee oils and coffee grinds will attach in front of and behind your dispersion screen (example new) in the grouphead. Check with the manufacturer or your retailer on proper procedure for backflush protocol.

A high value, quality backflush detergent is made by Ascaso!

(please note that backflushing is a cleaning regimen different then descaling, which removes calcium and magnesium deposits inside the water from the high temperature of the water in the boiler.
Dirty Dispersion Screen
Would you drink espresso from a machine that had this?

If your machine can not be backflushed, then it is imperative to use a combination cleaner/descaler to be pushed through the internals of your espresso machine. One perfect product is Cleancaf!