Saturday, June 03, 2006

Giotto Classic Espresso Machines

Three weeks ago, we had a customer who had a Giotto that kept on refilling upon startup, leaked water from the top of the boiler, and short circuited the GFI outlet. We learned that the machine had scale build up on the boiler's sensor for the the auto water refill circuit. After descaling of this part inhouse, the problem was corrected.

Today, another customer with a Giotto had a similar problem with the boiler overfilling during the extraction cycle. After changing the refill valve, we learned that the heat exchanger had a pinhole leak from the heat exchanger.

The morale of the story is not that Giottos have a problem. In fact, we see these problems quite infrequently in Giottos and we do see the same problems in similar espresso coffee machines. The morale is that limescale causing agents in your water used in an espresso machine has a major impact on the useful life of the parts inside an espresso machine.

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