Friday, July 12, 2013

Portafilter and Spout Never Aligns Perpendicular!

 Did you ever notice on a brand new, traditional-style espresso machine that the portafilter's dual spout and the filter handle do not align perpendicular to the machine, so one can place two demitasse cups nicely side by side on the drip tray?

Well, on a brand new machine, this is absolutely normal. The portafilter gasket, the seal in the grouphead that the filter handle locks into, needs to be broken in. Over time, the spouts will align nicely. After this, the spouts will align to the opposite side as the portafilter gasket gets old and worn down.

The other cause whereby the intended alignment goes 'out of whack' is when one removes the spout from the portafilter assembly. Once you take off the spout, it is almost impossible to get it re-aligned. Therefore, Teflon tape needs to be used on the threads, or an NSF-approved sealant needs to be added to the threads before positioning the spout into place and allowed to dry for 24 hours.

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