Monday, November 02, 2015

Hundreds of Coffee Varieties?

Did you ever notice a coffee company carry so many different coffees and blends? There are some companies who carry over 100 different or more coffee varieties. How does one expect all those different coffees to be turned over frequently to maintain freshness? Which are their favorites?

At 1st-line Equipment, we carefully select our favorite blends based on our client needs and desires. Not only do we have to like the coffee blend, but it also must meet a need of our clients, based on price, flavor profile, and availability. In addition, we like coffees that turn inventory over faster for freshness. When too many coffee blends are carried, there will always be coffees that go stale.

Our limited selection includes green coffees for home coffee roasters, our own master blended freshly roasted coffees, and select blends from coffee roasters based in Italy. Try some today!

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