Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Single Cup Baskets for Espresso Extraction?

Single Cup Filter Basket
We get this inquiry every once in a while to use the one cup basket. We think of these baskets as paperweights. Unless you are exclusively using a single cup basket, they are useless.

Most people think you set the coffee grinder to a certain grind setting and dosage of coffee (i.e. 14 grams) for a double cup filter basket and one just needs to cut the amount (dosage) in half for the single cup basket.
Two or Double Cup Filter Basket

This is sooooo untrue! In fact, in almost every case where we tested filter baskets, this is not the case. Either the amount (dosage) AND/OR the grind fineness need to be adjusted. So, it is not as simple as
everyone would conclude. Therefore, we say the single cup is a paperweight as there is a lot of work to convert the grinder settings and dosage amount. This is why the largest coffee shop chain always made doubles and the second spout went to the drain.

The reason to use the 2 cup basket is because there is more coffee to extract a superior flavor profile - one that is much better in taste and mouth feel.

You can see a lot of different filter baskets that 1st-line Equipment offers!

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